What I Do

I am an Architect first and full most, but have a deep passion for photography. It allows me to inspect almost anything in a different light, and expands my experiential understanding of space and composition. I see things in buildings and other objects through the eye of a lens that I would otherwise completely miss.

Photography allows me to step back from my projects and cast a critical eye from a different perspective – broadening my understanding of what I myself like and don’t like, and helps me to understand what appeals, or displeases others.

Being that I have a fully realised (and ongoing) architectural background I am well versed in understanding what makes a space photograph well, from composition, lighting, styling, tonality or simply viewpoint – leaving clients with great pictures.

I realise what Architects want to see in images of their projects and work with them to achieve the best result, or suggest new ways to look at things that they may not have considered.

I pride myself on not just focusing on the big pictures, or money shots, but actually respecting the little things that set true architecture apart from everyday projects.


I’m fully capable and have previously completed many photographic works of the following:

– Finished Architectural Project Photography – including Exterior, Interior, Context, Detail and Styled shoots. Usually no direction needed but I can work with designers, architects or stylists as required to achieve the desired outcome.

– Render Composite Photography – with full liaison of renderers to set up the perfect shots for amazing marketing images from the ideal viewpoints. Also includes context shots and reflection shots so the rendering can be fully realised to the nth degree. Lighting is of utmost importance here and advice is given for optimum sun angles for shading or reflectance, lighting conditions (for amazing colour) or simply contextual ramifications such as traffic.

– VCAT Photography – I’ve done a number of photoshoots for VCAT presentation purposes that are displayed as ‘before’ and ‘after’ images of proposed developments with render composites. This involves rendering liaison as well as marking and liaison with land surveyors to actually pinpoint the camera position to within a few centimetres. Also requires a full statutory declaration and supporting information of the shoot, setup, software, locational and gear used to compose the images for full independent disclosure.

– Lifestyle Photography – photography used mainly for marketing purposes to exude the feel of a locale that clients may desire to sell a product. Generally involves people, vistas or everyday activities in a very attractive light. This is a more free-form process and generally has little direction apart from an overarching goal or idea from a marketing perspective.

– 360 Degree Panoramas – I have the gear and knowledge to undertake full surround panoramas for a complete ‘virtual’ experience. This is best when ceilings are not too low (about 3.3m and above or outdoors). As an aside to this I can produce extremely wide panoramas with utmost detail as required. This involves the systematic taking, touching up, and then stitching together of a large number of photos in sequence. This can be quite time consuming but the results are well worth it, especially if you want people to experience a place without being there. Panoramas can be inserted into websites for viewing with Flash or Quicktime and no other plugins.